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31 Jul 2017    Jennifer Reuby, RMT is almost back full time from her maternity leave!

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30 Jul 2017    How Stress Can Effect You

Stress is a reality for everyone.  It is not always bad.  It can be motivating, like getting your first apartment.  It can come with a happy occasion, like a wedding or a baby.  However, many times stress can wear us down.  There are times in life where we really need to be mindful of how we are feeling and take care of our health.  The death of a loved one, divorce, or financial uncertainty all take their toll on us... More

30 Jul 2017    Pregnancy and Traditional Chinese Medicine

For over 3000 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine has promoted specialized treatment for women in pregnancy and postpartum recovery. Today, this care has become increasingly popular, not only due to it’s effectiveness, but because it offers women a drug-free alternative to common pregnancy related complaints... More

19 Apr 2017    Exercise and Bone Health

What effects bone mineral density?  There are cells called osteoclasts, and they take away old bone, creating a cavity on the bone.  Osteoblasts fill in the cavity and repair the bone.  As we get older, we have more osteoclasts then osteoblasts and therefore bone mineral density can decrease...

18 Apr 2017    Reiki for Emotional Healing:

In today's busy lifestyle, with so much rushing around and fitting everything in to their day, people forget to address their emotional body (Aura). It gets cluttered due to our busyness, our mind chatter, negative thinking etc. It detaches us from our ability to switch off and just be...

13 Apr 2017    Eating For Optimal Fertility

Many of us take our fertility for granted, assuming that if and when we want to have children, it will be easy to get pregnant. That unfortunately is not the case for many Canadian couples who struggle to create a family.

There is lots of help to be had. Whether you choose Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) such as IVF or IUI interventions, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, or a combination of treatments, there is one thing that nobody else can do for you. That is to eat well to optimize your fertility...

10 Apr 2017    The Endless Web

The Fascial system of connective tissue within the human body is often referred to as The Endless Web, by a number of anatomy experts.   The Myofascial portion of this network is the area where Massage Therapists and other Bodyworkers apply the skills of their trade to alleviate pain and restore range of motion.  The following describes the interaction and the relationship between these two systems - muscle and fascia...

9 Dec 2016    Shovel Safety: Take care of your body this season

The change in seasons has brought that time of year around again. The time of year everyone living in a residential area dreads. Snow is coming down, and you need to move it out of the way. It’s time to break out the snow shovels. Thankfully there are ways to make the manual effort easier on your body. Studies have shown that to reduce the stress placed on your body, it is best to use an ergonomic shovel.

9 Dec 2016    Do you modify your workouts? If not, here's why you should!

The body is wonderful at adapting to the stresses we put onto it, so long as those stressors do not go beyond tolerated limit. We can use the body’s ability to adapt, to our benefit, with resistance training. The very fact that the body adapts, is why we need to change our workout routine in order to continue to receive benefits from exercise.

9 Dec 2016    Don't Let A Cold Or Flu Get You Down!

I wasn't going to talk about this before the holidays, however, I feel compelled to, hearing about all the sickness going around (including in my own home!).

Most people are not aware (including my patients at the clinic) that Chinese Medicine, particularly Chinese herbs are extremely effective at preventing a cold or flu if caught early. They also treat symptoms such as cough, headache, fever, sinus congestion, sore throat, and nausea.

20 Sep 2016    Cupping....What's The Buzz All About?

The Olympics might be over but the buzz about cupping isn't! The questions keep pouring in about this therapy and it's purpose and benefits. The most decorated Olympian of all time, swimmer Michael Phelps has created quite a stir sporting his cupping marks. So why would an elite athlete have cupping therapy? Cupping is a technique used within the scope of Traditional Chinese Medicine to alleviate pain, promote healing, increase... More

20 Sep 2016    Liane Ouellet, RMT Joins the Synergsytix Team!

Liane Ouellet, RMT will be filling in for Jennifer Reuby, RMT for the duration of her maternity leave. Liane is a Registered Massage Therapist with the CMTO. She has completed CranioSacral levels 1 and 2 with the Upledger Institute. She is a graduate of massage therapy at Sir Sandford Fleming, where she also was the captain of the cross country running team. "With my many years of experience as a competitive athlete and my educational experience providing treatment for the residents and nursing staff at St. Joseph's at Fleming, I can adjust my services to provide the best... More

20 Sep 2016    Five Health Benefits Of Pumpkins

Did you know that the pumpkin you carve into a Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween or bake into a pie at Thanksgiving is filled with many year round health benefits? You may want to consider filling your freezer with this seasonal vegetable after reading this article! Five Health Benefits Of Pumpkins... More

20 Sep 2016    Sitting on the Job

As the workforce has shifted from factories to offices and homes, the incidence of back pain has increased dramatically. And researchers blame this increase on one simple activity – sitting. Our bodies were not designed to sit for long periods. We were made to move. Almost everyone who sits for long periods will develop back pain, even with an ergonomic chair... More

19 Sep 2016    Pole Walking

With the increasing awareness of the benefits of exercise, and the risks involved with a sedentary lifestyle, many contemplators are joining the ranks of those more active.  Preliminary individual adjustments in posture and body awareness can contribute to a more beneficial experience... More

19 Sep 2016    Post Natal Exercising

What to Consider? It is advised that you allow your body time to heal after childbirth before starting your exercise program.  On average 6 weeks post vaginal delivery and 8 weeks post caesarean section, however, there are other considerations to take in to account for recovery times... More

7 Jun 2016    Ladies! Are you heating up with menopause?

You can often spot the peri-menopausal or menopausal woman from a distance. Flushed, dewy face fanning themselves madly, or hanging out under the air conditioning vent. Natural menopause often comes with a wide range of unpleasant symptoms, such as insomnia, anxiety, irritability, night sweats, and of course hot flashes. More...

30 May 2016    Poor Desk Posture? Treat Your Muscles to a Massage

It’s mid-afternoon at the office.  Your coffee cup has been filled and refilled many times.  Deadlines are crunching and you’re feeling the stress and anxiety.  Your eyes feel strained at the computer and your posture is hunched over.  You are starting to feel that headache and back and neck tension.  You need a massage! ...More

4 May 2016    Synergystix is Hosting Distress to De-Stress Workshops!

Synergystix is partnering with Alison Brown of Antweek.net Studio to offer you X2 Workshops to get your creative juices flowing and de-stress at the same time! With art instruction by Alison combined with some simple, relaxing techniques de-stress and enjoy making your own distressed looking Flower Pots &/or Shabby Chic Serving Tray... More

4 May 2016    Synergystix is celebrating Nurses Week for Month of May - Offering a 25% Discount

In celebration of Nurses week Synergystix Partners in Health are offering a 25% discount to all Nurses for any service for the month of May! ... More

3 May 2016    Feeling bloated?

Feeling bloated? Well, you're not alone. Many of us are secretly loosening the top button of our pants after a meal to ease the discomfort of bloating. And for some, even eating a small amount of food can make the abdomen inflate. There are many reasons why bloating happens; food sensitivities (wheat and dairy are common culprits), hormone imbalance, constipation, low stomach acid, and stress to name a few. Whether bloating is an occasional nuisance or a regular painful problem, here are five tips you can use to help making eating more enjoyable... More

1 May 2016    We Welcome the Newest Member to the Synergystix Baby Team

Michael John von Atzigen was born on November 30th 2015 at 680g (1.5lbs), 33cm long, 16 weeks early.  He had a long and uncharted journey, but with the knowledge, skills and dedication of Mt. Sinai, and Peterborough’s NICU, we made it home!

While we were in the hospital, we were filled with extreme fear, we didn’t know what each moment would bring.  Whether Michael was going to make it, what complications would he have?  How extreme would they be?  Could we as a family be able to manage?  Some of these questions still linger, but we no longer fear them.  Michaels has taught us to live moment to moment, everything can change for good or bad in one moment, enjoy what is in front of you now... Read More

4 Apr 2016    I have a concussion... Now what?

Concussion has been a popular topic in our media in the last few years. It has gained awareness for a good reason – it is a serious injury and can be a very slow recovery.  Most people who have suffered a concussion will report some similar symptoms, but not all post-concussion recoveries are the same. There are different symptoms and severity for different people and their specific injury. What is a concussion? More...

4 Apr 2016    Cupping....What's It All About?

Perhaps it's because I practice Traditional Chinese Medicine, or because my daughter is a swimmer, that I love the new Under Armour ad featuring the most decorated Olympian of all time, swimmer Michael Phelps. The ad highlights the training, sacrifices and therapies Michael Phelps undergoes to be the best in the world, including cupping therapy. Cupping is a technique used within the scope of TCM to alleviate pain, promote healing, increase circulation to tense muscles, and reduce adhesions and scar tissue. Check out the video here, and watch out for the cupping midway through the video. Then come on back to the article to see what this therapy is all about. More...

3 Apr 2016    Make Massage Part of Your Running Routine

The birds are chirping, the snow is melting and the smell of spring is in the air.  With that there are also more people out on their bikes and strapping up their running shoes.  If you’re someone who enjoys running consider making massage part of that routine. Massage can help with... Read More

1 Apr 2016    Spring Renew with Energy Work & Aromatherapy

Reiki is an energy based healing system that works with the natural universal life force energy.  Reiki assists the body’s natural ability to heal itself. It is spiritual in nature but has no dogma or creed. Reiki speeds the healing process, and provides a source of restoring energy while one is ill, under medical treatment, or in recovery... More

7 Mar 2016    Do You Want Acupuncture But Hate Needles?

I was recently reminded at a health fair I attended, that many, many people are afraid of needles. I get it, who wants to volunteer to be a human pin cushion?... More

2 Mar 2016    Let’s talk about your feet! Reflexology

Have you thought about your feet lately? You may not think about your feet until you feel pain in them. They are your two very important points of contact with the ground. They are sensory. They are strong and flexible. They are NOT identical... MORE

2 Mar 2016    Massage Therapy Improves Immune Function

In these final winter months, you may be concerned with your immunity towards a variety of seasonal illnesses.  Receiving regular massage treatments better prepares the body’s natural resistance... MORE

3 Feb 2016    Year of The Fire Monkey

The Chinese New Year is almost here! The Year of the Fire Monkey begins on February 8, 2016. I thought it would be fun to explore what the year of the Monkey has in store for us! ... More

3 Feb 2016    Types of Muscles in the Body

There are three types of muscle tissue in our bodies.  Skeletal muscle (voluntary) helps us stand and move; cardiac muscle (involuntary) is found only in the heart; and smooth muscle (involuntary) is found within the walls of organs, blood vessels and the skin... More

5 Jan 2016    Perfect Time of Year to Take Care of Yourself and Find Ways to Boost Your Mood

Seasonal Affective Disorder is an onset of depression which is most common in winter but can occur with any seasonal change. That means that it’s the perfect time of year to take care of yourself and find ways to boost your mood in these shorter and colder days...More

5 Jan 2016    Optimizing Your Health in Winter with Chinese Medicine

Now that it is truly Winter with subzero temperatures and snow covering the ground, it's time to talk about how to optimize your health in the Winter using Chinese Medicine... More

5 Dec 2015    Taming Your Tension

Helpful Tips to Help You Through this Hectic Holiday Season - - - Muscle tension is like a car that’s idling too fast. The car is revved up and working hard causingmore wear and tear on the motor. Not only that, the motor is burning more fuel and creating pollution. more...

30 Nov 2015    Breathing, Who Knew?

Breathing, who knew such a fundamental action, could help you determine so much about your fitness level, your susceptibility to infections and chronic disease, even cancer, and how to make accurate decisions about improvement. more...

30 Nov 2015    Getting to the Point: Acupuncture for Headache Relief

Stabbing, piercing, tight, throbbing, blinding.....these are common pain descriptors used by the headache sufferers I treat in clinic. Despite many modern advances in the diagnosis and pharmaceutical treatment of headaches and migraines, many people more...

2 Nov 2015    Muscles of the Thigh - Our Movement Powerhouse

This brief article outlines the major muscles of the thigh, some of their history, how they interact and the role they play in getting us from one place to another.  more...

1 Nov 2015    Sugar from a Chinese Medicine Point of View

I have a confession to make. I love sugar! I love it best in chocolate form, but there are days that I’m not very picky. Halloween always seems to open the sugary flood gates for me. So is Sugar a Friend or Enemy?  more..

20 Oct 2015    Massage and Acute Injury

As a clinic it is not unusual for us to see several people a week with acute injuries. Over the course of the last couple of weeks it seems as though those numbers have jumped! In just the last 2 weeks I myself have treated a fresh knee injury, 3 acute muscle spasms more...

18 Oct 2015    Boost Your Immune System With This Key Acupoint!

With the Summer officially over (deep sigh), you may have noticed a few more people coughing,or blowing their nose lately. Perhaps you have school aged children and you can sense that more...

9 Sep 2015    Benefits of A Daily Exercise Routine

In approximately 1935, my Mother was the Women’s Badminton champion of Ontario.  Although she was clearly authentically inclined, I can safely say she never thought of exercising in her daily routine. more...






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